School Notebook: BOE February 26th Meeting Highlights

Written By: KPN - Feb• 28•13

Here are highlights of Tuesday night’s Kings Park Board of Education meeting.

• There were several exciting student and teacher recognitions in the areas of science, art and community service.

• Dr. Agruso spoke briefly about sequestration, which is basically a series of automatic, across-the-board cuts by the Federal government, totaling $1.2 trillion over 10 years. It would affect Kings Park School District next year with the loss of $32,000 from Federal grants. Currently, President Obama is said to be officially ordering these cuts on February 29th.

• The District will be placing on its website a link to the New York State Education Department’s site that explains the new Common Core Curriculum and provides a Toolkit for Parents and Families. According to Dr. Ralph Cartisano, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel, he has recieved many questions from parents regarding why things are changing, why are the math problems being asked in a different manner, etc. Dr. Cartisano said that this link helps answer these questions and it will help parents help their children.

• The 2013/2014 School District Calendar was approved. After much discussion and many revisions, version D was adopted. This version will see the start of school for teachers beginning on August 28th and students on September 3rd.

• The High School Press Box was discussed. Dr. Philip Kenter, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Admin. Services, advised that all the additional materials the State Education Department has requested has been submitted and the district expects approval in approximately 4 weeks.

• There was discussion about the possibility of the District sending non school related event flyers to the school community via email. Kings Park Youth president, Darryl Valinchus, made this request to the Board citing a decline in KPY enrollment in the lower grades. The Board has agreed to look into the possibility of sending a limited number of flyers to families through email. They will begin to look into creating a policy that would serve as criteria to determine which organization’s flyers could be sent. Issues such as not-for-profit status and student and school year based programs will be discussed and considered. This will be discussed further at future Board meetings.

Reminder: The next Open Budget Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th in room 101 of the Kings Park High School.

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