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Written By: KPN - Mar• 13•17

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Kings Park High School salutes the following students:

Selected for NYSCAME All-County (grades 11 and 12):  Luke Bergaglio, Felicity Doddato, Maxwell Freyre, Matthew Hoffmann, Sabrina Holsborg, Teresa Jenkins, Michael Morello, Danielle Provenzano, James Brannigan, Jack Hogan, Derrick Kempster and Valerie Wicks

Being a Part of the Highly Selective SCMEA All-County Percussion Ensemble (grade 11):   Luke Bergaglio

Being a Part of the Long Island String Festival (grades 9 and 12):   Julie Aitchison and Austin Maag

Selected for SCMEA Division 3 All-County Festival (grades 9 and 10):  Emily Johnson, McKenna Knott, Gina Lardi, Emily Martinsen, Raymond Moran, Stephanie Pond, Sarah Teubner, Micaela Ciambrone, Grace Rowan, Julie Aitchison, Dominik Cardamone and Rachel Neuwirth

These students, along with all the music students in Kings Park, should be applauded for adding so much to their school and Kings Park community through music.  Bravo!

Back Row:  (L to R – Mr. Jon  Nowak-Music Teacher, Sabrina Holsborg, Mr. Vinny Tunkel-Music Teacher, Luke Bergaglio, Mr. Lino Bracco-KPHS Principal, Raymond Moran, Matthew Hoffmann, Felicity Doddato, Teresa Jenkins, Michael Morello, Stephanie Pond, Connor Brannigan, Jack Hogan, Valerie Wicks, Derrick Kempster, Mr. Ryan Flatt-Music Teacher)

Front Row:  (L to R –  Dominik Cardamone, Emily  Johnson, Danielle Provenzano, Sarah Teubner, Gina Lardi, Micaela Ciambrone, McKenna Knott, Julie Aitchison)

(Not Pictured:  (Maxwell Freyre, Austin Maag, Emily Martinsen, Grace Rowan, Rachel Neuwirth)

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