Helping Our Feathered Friends Survive In The Snow

Written By: KPN - Jan• 08•17

Feeding the birds is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, especially in the midst of chilly winter weather.

Backyard bird feeding can make a real contribution to the survival of our local feathered friends.

Here are a few pointers for a successful winter bird feeding season:

  1. Put out feeders with good size capacity
  2. Provide nutritious winter seed foods
  3. Be consistent and keep feeding through the winter, as birds grow accustomed to your seed
  4. Remember water - putting out a pan of water near the feeder on warmer days is a terrific idea
  5. Stamp down the snow below, as many birds are ground-feeders
  6. Hang feeders in cat-safe locations

Then sit back and enjoy watching the beautiful birds that visit your house – making any cold day a little brighter.

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