An Artist’s View With Mary Anne Lund – “Sweet September”

Written By: KPN - Sep• 06•14

Snow Fence – Sunken Meadow

Where did the summer go?  The fruits of September began with Labor Day Weekend that brought families together for end-of-summer barbeques, crowded beaches, and out of town vacationing.  Even though the end of summer officially won’t occur for a couple of weeks, one can feel a bittersweet feeling brought about by the closing of a season and the lazy days of summer. The warmth of the sun, glorious tans, sun bleached hair, great summer reading and shared friendships meeting at the beach sometimes with toddlers under foot – all coming to a close as the days grow shorter.

For the passionate beach person in any season, the nature lover, or the photographer…. take heart, the good news is that you get to reclaim your beach.  It’s just you, the fisherman, a few locals and, of course, the guy with the metal detector.  I have found bliss while walking the beach and wetlands, camera in hand, at summer’s end.  My mind is elated at the sight of the quiet beach and untrodden paths along the marsh and wetlands.  There are no sounds except for the gulls and the rolling tide lapping at the water’s edge. There is a sweet fragrance in the crisp air that evokes feelings of new beginnings. I could let my mind wander to the nostalgia that comes over me in the weeks ahead at the scent of dried leaves, a wood burning fire in the cool night, the smell of apple pie and hot apple cider to warm me.  Well, that’s not for a couple of weeks. It truly has been great weather – how fortunate for us!  It seems like the only ‘dog days of August’ were the last few days. Hopefully, you were able to capture some glorious photos as a souvenir of the summer of 2014.

For our kids and teachers it is the end of summer.  Our Kings Park schools reopened last week and another year of school fun began.  Students will be gathering in person rather than on social media. Parents for weeks have been frantically shopping for school clothes and supplies as well as other needs for the college bound youngster. Well, now that the shopping is completed, these same parents hit the ground running.  Yup, time to chauffeur their kids to after school activities such as sports, music lessons, martial arts and dance.  Many households have several children enrolled in sports at different locations, occasionally occurring simultaneously.  These practices culminate with the actual games scheduled both during the week and, in many cases, both Saturday and Sunday. For more than one child, this is a lot of driving. When my child was young, I remember sitting on bleachers in chilly weather, wrapped in a blanket and waving a big cowbell in hand. Even though I worked fulltime, mine was a simpler time as I now watch a whole new world with my grandchildren.  All these, sometimes multiple activities, when both parents are working add to an already exhausting timetable of events for both parent and child. Wow!

In 2014, the autumnal equinox brings the autumn season to the Northern Hemisphere on September 23rd.  The word equinox comes from the Latin words for “equal night.” The fall and spring equinoxes are the only days of the year in which the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator making night and day of approximately equal length (12 hours each) depending on your location.

Farmers Market Kings Park

Thinking of autumn in years gone by, for me it was always filled with color and magic, maybe because my birthday is the first full day of autumn. So while one door closes, another opens. A new season starts bringing with it football, exciting new television programming, our children and grandchildren’s school concerts and events.  I especially look forward to another season of involvement with the arts and great music. It is also the season for fruits of the vine such as raspberries and apple picking, some with all the bells and whistles out east on Long Island, where you can take the kids for hay rides and enjoy picking the plentiful fresh fruit off the vine.  It makes for a wonderful family day! Stop on the way home for homemade ice cream or pick up that special pie at Briermere Farms on Sound Avenue in Riverhead.  As a reminder, our Kings Park Farmers Market is open every Sunday through November for a large array of Long Island fruits and vegetables and much more.  For homegrown apples, Richter’s Orchards on Pulaski Road is celebrating their 114th year with a wonderful variety of apples and great fresh pressed apple cider.  Also from the vines are Long Island wines.  Locally, Whispering Vineyards on Edgewood Avenue in St James, is open to purchase their wines as well as listen to live music on the weekends along with wine tasting.  On the east end of Long Island are many wineries offering tours, tastings and special events including live music and on occasion an art show.   Come out and meet the artists.

So, a little further along the days the Lucien Memorial United Methodist church on Main Street in Kings Park will have its lawn covered with pumpkins – but that’s for another article.  I will say one thing, I shudder to think that many stores will soon, and I do mean – soon, have their windows and isles covered with Christmas decorations. We don’t want to go there, but we know it’s true.  For now, enjoy the beautiful remaining late summer days and cool evenings.

A view from the Kings Park Bluff
Labor Day Weekend 2014

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Mary Anne Lund is a fine art impressionist landscape painter specializing in watercolor and oil painting renderings of seashore, wetlands, marshes, and other scenic and historical sites of Long Island and, more recently, Connecticut. She has studied with noted accomplished artists through the years and is a member of the Art League of Long Island, Dix Hills, NY, Wet Paints Studio Group, Sayville, NY, Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, CT, Mystic Art Center, Mystic, Ct., and East Hampton Art Association, East Hampton, Ct. Mary Anne, a native Long Islander, has a home in Kings Park on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, from where she has drawn much of her inspiration and compositions.

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